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Webb Family Funeral Service, Independence, Kansas.  Locally Owned and Operated


Welcome to the original locally-owned family funeral home in Independence - Webb Family Funeral Service -owned by Zach & Deanna Webb.  

The Webb family has been licensed for 3 generations for 100 years, and Zach Webb has been licensed for 33 years and in three states. 

If you could support a locally-owned business ran by a family friend, receive the superior personal attention your family deserves, and save hundreds or even thousands, wouldn't you?  

At Webb Family Funeral Service, you will.

Why Pay More?


In Loving Memory of Our Children 

Maxwell Webb and Stephanie Stewart and Mother, Gwen Webb

Maxwell Webb visiting his grandfather, Jerry Webb at Mount Hope Cemetery

Three Generations of Thoughtfulness-100 years of Service


 Voted by readers of Independence Daily Reporter as Best Funeral Service in Independence for 2017

                              Zach Webb will better any reasonable price quote in the area

Webb Family Funeral Service, 1475 S. 10th, Independence, KS


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Legacy of Houston owns all 3  Potts and former Penwell-Gabel (W&R, Fords, Fawcett) -6 funeral homes in a 20 mile radius- don't be subjected to monopolies and collusion. 

Transfer plans to a locally-owned funeral home.  Call and we'll handle the details.

We Accept All.   You may transfer arrangements or pre-paid plans anytime without penalty, per Kansas Law.  If you have pre-paid, we can provide equal or better items for less, so your family may either get 'more', or a refund.  It's as easy as signing a letter.  We'll handle the details.    Even if a death has already occurred, you may still transfer to Webb Family Funeral Service 

 "Irrevocable" does not refer to changing funeral homes.  Don't be told otherwise!


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Whatever house I enter, it shall be for the benefit and comfort of those bereaved.


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