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About Us

About Us  

 Family Tradition.   For four generations, members  of the Webb family have combined for 275 years of service to over 12,000 families since 1912.  As a locally-owned, family-operated funeral home, we are here to serve you through our funeral home, not the other way around.  Our service to you is not dictated by others.  You are the shareholders and the ones we strive to satisfy. 



Experience.  Remember, Montgomery County native Zach Webb is the longest dual-licensed, most experienced funeral director/embalmer associated with any funeral home in Independence.  (3 states/30 years/5,000 services/2,500 preparation of deceased)    Don't underestimate the value of experience and ability of your funeral director to provide the proper viewing of your loved ones. 

 We are expert in creating meaningful services, whether cremation or burial;  a formal traditional service or informal gathering.

Why choose a family owned funeral home?  The family owned funeral home is part of the community. The funeral profession, like many American industries, has a long and proud history of personal service provided by families with deep roots in the local community and a commitment to upholding professional standards. Some of the oldest continuously operated businesses in the country are family-owned funeral firms.  We're based on the belief that our customer's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the most sincere, caring and thoughtful service.  


Choosing the Right Funeral Home

     1. History-The Webb family has served Independence for over 90 years through Jackson’s, Webb Funeral Home, and Webb & Rodrick and proudly served their community for decades.

     2. Reputation- The Webb family is known for exceptional service, respect, reasonable cost, and honest, yet compassionate, information.  

     3. Licensing-Our funeral directors and pre-need staff are licensed professionals. We guarantee that you will be working with someone with the knowledge to properly guide you through the decision making process. Clarence and Jerry have been presidents of the state association and governing body.  Zach is the longest-licensed funeral director and embalmer in Independence.

     4. Facilities & Services-We have designed our facility to be of modest elegance yet functional due to the many types of services a family may choose.

     5. Local Ownership-Webb Family Funeral Service is locally family owned and operated.

     6. Pre-Planning-We offer all types of pre-planning. We accept all.  If we provide the items at less cost, excess funds will be refunded or used for additional items.

     7. Location-Consumers often select a funeral home because it is close to home. 

     8. Cost- We are here to serve our clients individual needs and best interests. We urge you to be as forthcoming as possible about your financial needs. Our main goal is to help unburden families of rising costs.  We know in your time of grief, less cost equals less stress.

Once you have asked all of these questions, you should feel secure and know that you have made an educated, wise decision that should be shared with your loved ones.


 Webb Family Funeral Service is owned by Zach Webb, a local third-generation funeral director, and the son of Gwen Webb and the late Gerald Webb, and his wife, Deanna, a licensed agent with United Heritage Life, who will handle pre-paid arrangements.




*1986- Zach earned his degree in Mortuary Science, after working with Amos Family Funeral Home in Shawnee, KS, and worked at Webb & Rodrick Funeral Home from 1986 until shortly after its first corporate acquisition in 1997. He then worked in Oklahoma and Missouri until returning to the area with David W. Barnes in Coffeyville in 2009.   Deanna is a Coffeyville native, the daughter and granddaughter of the late Connie and Jackie Hughes. 

   They are the parents of  Zachary D." Zach" Webb and Jacqueline R. "Jackie" Webb, and the late Stephanie Stewart and the late Maxwell Webb.

   After much effort, we are proud to return the Webb Family to service of the Independence area in 2012.


*1890's- Glen Webb and Mary Williamson are both born in Kansas, and raised in Topeka.  They are the children of Presbyterian and Methodist ministers.

*1913- Glen M. Webb is licensed in Kansas after completing his education at the Hohenschuh School of Undertaking in St. Louis.  They get married and start their family as Glen works for Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home in Topeka.

1931 open house ad*1921- Glen & Mary move to Independence, Kansas, where he begins work with the Jackson Undertaking Company.

*1931- Now with 4 sons, Glen & Mary found Webb Funeral Home at 215 W. Main.

*WWII- Dick Webb, as a bomber pilot, and Bill Webb, a ball-turret gunner, both fly 50+ missions in Europe. Clarence serves in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific. 

*1946- Clarence Webb joins the business and Webb Funeral Home is built at 306 W. Main.

*1954- Gerald joins the business, Glen passes away, and plans are started to purchase Denbo Funeral Home in Elk City.   

*1967- Mary Webb was named the Kansas Mother of the Year, one of two women from Independence to receive the honor.  Mary passed away in 1984. 


  Clarence and Gerald had numerous professional and community achievements, including being the first brothers to be presidents of the Kansas Funeral Director's Association, Methodist Church, Mercy Hospital Board, School Board, Memorial Hall Board and virtually all civic groups. Jerry, with his wife Gwen, was a co-founder of the modern Neewollah celebration in Independence, helped create the Verdigris Valley Association for Retarded Children, was appointed to the Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board by Governor Docking, and was a two-time president of the Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts.


1976 merger*1976- Webb Funeral Home merged with Rodrick Funeral Home to form the Webb & Rodrick Funeral Home.  Gwen Webb assisted as the bookkeeper and assistant director.


*In 1997, Webb & Rodrick sold to a corporate conglomerate and since been sold twice. 


zachary, black and white Zachary Webb

Zachary Webb is a Graduate of ICC with an A.A. in psychology. He recently graduated from The University of Kansas with his bachelors in English and Creative Writing

Jackie Webb, music director.Jackie Webb

Jackie Webb is a Graduate of  ICC with her Associates in Music. She has been and is involved in many Musical productions in Independence.  Jackie was 1st runner up in the "Queen Neelah Pagent" 2010.  She is attending The University of South Dakota majoring in Theater and Music.

Gwen Webb, widow of Gerald Webb, mother of Zach Webb, formerly of Webb & Rodrick and Webb Funeral Home in Independence.

Gwen Webb


Maxwell Webb, office manager.

Maxwell Webb

Maxwell passed from this life at 16 years old, on September 30, 2013, and any service for others is dedicated to him.

  --Zach and Dee Webb



Stephanie  Stewart 


Stephanie passed away from this life at 

24 years old, on April 27, 2014.